• Congressional Review Act

    This Act requires GAO to report on major rules that federal agencies make, including summaries of the procedural steps taken by the agencies. We have a searchable database of major and non-major rules.

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  • Recently Issued Reports on Federal Agency Major Rules

    About the Congressional Review Act

    Federal agencies promulgating rules must submit a copy to both houses of Congress and GAO before the rules can take effect. (Congressional Review Act, 5 U.S.C.§ 801(a)(1)(A) ) We track all rules (major and nonmajor) submitted to us. We also report on major rules, summarizing and assessing the procedural steps taken by the federal agencies. You can browse our reports on major rules and search all rules submitted to us. Your search results will include any reports on major rules GAO has issued. Please send comments and suggestions to FedRules@gao.gov

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